Survive on 35

I’m intrigued recently by a slew of bloggers challenged to “Survive On 35,” or complete 7 days worth of healthy, at-home eating on just $35 per person.

I do not believe that this challenge would be possible for my household. We live in NYC where food prices are EXTRAVAGANT to say the least. And if you want organic strawberries or cage-free eggs? Be prepared to shell out $6 a pop for each of those. I can’t just visit the farm down the street for cheap local produce. Yes we have farmer’s markets, but the prices there would make your head spin.

The other question is whether I would WANT to just barely survive on $35 a week. I love eating! And I love cooking equally. To me that means sometimes splurging on fancy ingredients, locally made products and organic herbs.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that I don’t HAVE TO survive on $35 a week. But it definitely has opened my eyes to thinking about scaling back and using only what’s necessary.

Could you survive on $35?


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