Food Funks

Happy Thursday everyone! What’s on your agenda for this weekend? For me, it is my usual Saturday AM yoga followed by wedding venue shopping with the parents! We think we have found the perfect venue for us and our summer 2013 wedding, and now it is time to bring both sets of parents there to finalize the decision. I am SO EXCITED! I can totally picture us having a ridiculously gorgeous and fun party there. Fingers crossed!


Today I want to talk about food funks. What is a food funk, you ask? Well if you are like me, you frequently fall into the trap of eating the same. thing. every. day. For me this is frequently breakfast: everyday for the past three weeks I have eaten half a chopped apple, 1/2ish cup of greek yogurt, 1T ground flaxseed, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a handful rolled oats. Same thing. Everyday. Tastes good. Good for me. Why change?

I drink the same smoothie nearly everyday as well. That’s OK though because its the best smoothie recipe ever. Try it and I doubt you will argue with me.

This also happens pretty often for me at restaurants. I find one thing I LOVE on the menu, and order it every. single. time. Maybe I like the predictability of what I’m going to eat? Maybe I’m too lazy to consider alternatives? At least its usually healthy…


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